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The Sussex Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) and associated documents are now available on the Sussex Chamber website following the successful submission to government last week.

They were lucky enough to have received LSIP Trailblazer funding from Department of Education to see how such an employer-led plan could be developed and hope that these documents will help Government understand the process used to research, consult and inform the development of the LSIP. They have fed in many of the lessons learned along the way directly into the LSIP policy team at DfE and await further information on how Sussex Chamber will be supported to continue this process over the next 3-5 years.

In addition to the main LSIP report, they have published a Business Edition of the LSIP, which draws out the key points and actions/directions of travel for all audiences. This user-friendly edition is also available on their website.

The publication of these documents represents only the start of the journey, and they’ll seek to work with partners from across Sussex on the range of measures within the Future Skills Sussex Improvement Framework (Annex 2). 

This systems leadership approach will enable employers and providers to work more collaboratively to meet the skills needs in Sussex, by galvanising existing good practices and where possible building and sharing this more broadly, as well as developing innovative skills programmes for the future with the hope that LSIP trailblazer areas are able to unlock funding for providers and employers to pilot or fast track new ways of working.

Sussex Chamber hope to receive more information from government on funding to support the implementation of LSIP activities soon but don’t want to lose momentum and the broad support of stakeholders.  They are currently working up plans to launch ‘Deep Dives’ into Digital sector in May and the Creative & Cultural sector in June, working with employers and providers to understand the specific skills needs in these key sectors in Sussex. They are also supporting Sussex providers to apply for additional funding via the Strategic Development Fund to support activities within the LSIP.

Look out for the LSIP launch and next steps event in late May and more information regarding this and the initial activities will be coming out after Easter.

Thanks for your support so far and we look forward to improving skills across Sussex together.