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You can’t fail to have noticed that the Chamber and other partners have been active recently promoting the Uckfield Business Awards 2022…

Four years since the event was last held here in Uckfield, as like most other things in 2020, the Awards were understandably cancelled… But we’ve missed them!

The Biennial awards began in 2012 as a way to recognise the success of business in the town and we’re pleased to continue this a decade on.

Fittingly that on the very day that we announce an extension to the ‘nomination’ closing date, we publish this piece about how an Uckfield business can benefit from receipt of a nomination.

First, a business only needs a single nomination assuming that they have not already entered for an award. Our Uckfield Business Awards are not a ‘nominations contest’… something that I have heard Ashdown Radio supremo and current Chamber President, Gary King, utter on more than one occasion as he introduces our sponsor interviews on our local radio station. So, canvassing many nominations and encouraging others to ‘nominate’ the same business isn’t going to necessarily help a business to win! You’d do better by thinking of another business that has impressed you most and make sure that they too, get the recognition that they deserve.

Earlier today, James Duggan, managing partner of Simmons Gainsford and sponsor of the Best Retailer alluded to the fact, in his radio interview, that our high street has had it tough in the last couple of years. I don’t think any of us would argue with that and as such the Awards are even more important this year as we celebrate those Uckfield businesses that have ‘bounced back’ from the dark times of the pandemic.

The reason we initially went for a much earlier closure date for nominations was that we wanted time to contact the nominee businesses to encourage them to actually ‘enter’. We can only pass an entry on to a sponsor and judge not a nomination, for the majority of categories although there is an exception to this rule! And although we have extended the closing date for nominations to Monday 13 June, don’t feel you have to go through this stage of recommendation. Yes, it’s a quick and easy online option but if you know the business well; maybe a shop you visit regularly, then why not just suggest to them that they ‘enter’ next time you’re in store.

Whether you are a business and are completing our simple online initial questions to ‘enter’ or are a big fan of another business and are ‘nominating’ please visit the Uckfield Business Awards website and click on the category of your choice.

At the time of writing entries will close on Friday 17 June so don’t delay, enter today and remember, you need to be in it, to win it!

Good luck!