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VEGA manufacture level and pressure sensors: Transmitters, sensors and point-level switches and the dedicated information delivery systems, for all kinds of liquids, gases and solids for process control, inventory and automation tasks. Their basic tasks are measuring ‘how much’ is in a tank or silo, or stopping overspill, overpressure or running dry.

The key industries we work in include food, beverage, water, oil and gas, aggregates, recycling, chemicals, pharma, aggregates, paper and power generation, and countless others. We typically operate in the areas of measurement and handling of raw and finished liquids or bulk solids, the ‘process control’ during manufacturing as well as flood, water supply and waste-water monitoring. We also provide optimal inventory, collection, and distribution of products, using the latest IIoT and technologies.  We provide devices with certification for operation in hygienic, hazardous, explosive and even radioactive environments.

Our innovative, market leading instruments are targeted at providing optimum performance and reliability to deliver data, resulting in cost and time savings at all stages of the business. The goal is to provide easy to understand and use sensors, reliably delivering accurate, centralised data – for all types of control, monitoring and distribution systems.  VEGA products and services are ultimately focused on enabling people to work safely, more confidently, reduce energy inputs, deliver quality and optimise productivity.

At VEGA we believe people in our organisation are the vital component. Whatever their position in the organisation, they contribute to all aspects of customer service. This is increasingly important when skills, workforces and resources are becoming ever more precious, along with increasing safety for people and the environment. This means that when ‘process automation systems’ are needed to improve productivity, quality, or increase safety and efficiency of supply; it’s the people, the partnerships, service, support and training, coupled with great quality, reliable products that make the difference.