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The pandemic has perpetually changed Britain’s workplace. 

The current cost of living crisis and a tightening economic climate has forced many businesses to change the way they operate, with huge corporate transformations and a focus on reducing costly overheads top of the agenda.

The Rise of Hybrid Working

According to Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) released in 2022, the number of people working from home has more than doubled compared to pre-pandemic levels. More than 8 in 10 workers who worked from home during the pandemic stated that they planned to do hybrid work.

More than 78% of people who worked from home to some degree said they had an improved work-life balance, while more than 52% reported it was quicker to complete work, and approximately 53% felt they had fewer distractions. Almost half (47%) experienced improved well-being. Previous analysis from January 2022 declared that additional benefits of home-working included reductions in spending, especially on fuel, parking and public transport to commute to the workplace.

When asked about their expectations for returning to the office, most workers would like to continue hybrid working, with more than 42% wanting to work mostly from home while occasionally coming to the office; nearly a quarter (24%) chose to split their time evenly between home and the workplace; and 18% would spend more time at the office and some time from home. In contrast, only 8% planned to work from the office like their pre-pandemic way of working. 

From a business aspect, latest data from the CIPD showed that more than three-quarters of organisations have incorporated hybrid working to their permanent business model via a combination of formal and informal agreements. 

It’s clear from these stats, that hybrid working model would assist employers in attracting and retaining a more diverse workforce due to benefits such as enhanced workers’ wellbeing, work-life balance and productivity. Other crucial reasons include a sense of understanding for employees juggling caring responsibilities, juggling multiple jobs to create an income, or people with disabilities who can’t travel to the workplace easily, or external effects that could disrupt one’s working day such as the previous rail strikes or adverse weather conditions. Considering the currently staggering fuel and food costs, all the more reason for employees to choose companies that offer hybrid working to save expenses. 

Reducing Costs

With the rise of hybrid working and collaborative spaces, coupled with the continued pressure of high office rentals and long term leases, many companies are opting to downsize or relocate their business to save on operational costs. 

If downsizing, relocating or looking for a co-working space is part of your business plan, Cube offers all these services – all under one roof with a single point of contact; 

Co-Working Space

            •           Our co-working space is bright, modern and fully furnished (desks, high-speed internet, fully equipped kitchenette with complimentary tea, coffee, and milk, etc.)

            •           Minimal commitments – you’ll only pay for the days you need

            •           Meeting Room hire available

            •           Bespoke Office Space that can accommodate small teams to up to 40 staff

            •           Electrical car charging points on-site

Business Storage

            •           Professional business storage units for commercial businesses

            •           Our units are modern, clean, bright and most importantly they are also highly secure

            •           Climate controlled storage facility – ideal for items that are sensitive to heat, humidity, dust or cold

Document Storage

            •           We have unrivalled expertise in managing company records for law, medical, financial services, advertising and entertainment, pharmaceutical and industrial companies as well as local authorities, NHS trusts and government departments

Commercial Relocations

  • We have the staff skilled in the precise moving of your office, your workforce, your business records and your most valuable assets to anywhere you require. Every job is assigned a dedicated project management team who are experienced in the preparation and planning of corporate relocations.

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