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We are Three Acre Brewery – a microbrewery based in Blackboys, creating real ales which combine the very best of old and new. Our aim is to shape the future of cask beer.

Cask beer is like a good book, taking on a life of its own after leaving the maker’s hands. As a natural, live product, the flavours and character of cask beer mature over time, reflecting the journey from field to cask, cellar to glass.

At every stage, the skill in getting cask beer ‘just right’ rises from a mysterious place that’s somewhere between science, art and magic.

Three Acre Brewery is an ode to the English country pub – our three co-founders grew up in rural East Sussex, surrounded by some of the greatest country pubs in the world. Our beers are inspired by these natural surroundings and bring you a taste of the Sussex countryside.

Today, the brewery is based on a working farm, but was hatched in a nearby garden shed, where recipes were written and trialled, gradually becoming the ones that could now be shaping the beer in your glass. In our beers today, there are echoes of those early great moments.

But cask beer isn’t old news – just try the Three Acre IPA, which bursts with new-world hops, or our Blood Orange Pale, brewed with orange peel, and you’ll see what we mean.

Being largely self-taught, we do things our way. Whether that’s our top-secret cask conditioning process, recipe testing on the original homebrew kit, or our brewer singing classical opera to our beers, nestled away in the tanks.

We make these beers to get the best of old and new, reviving heritage brews, such as our award-winning Ruby Porter, while also developing fresh creations, like the Sorachi Extra Pale.

Three Acre cask beers are shaped with true craftsmanship, brewing classics properly, and fresh styles with bold ambition. Through it all, we are modernising the traditional. Next time you’re at the bar, make it a pint of Three Acre.