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Many local businesses benefit from our Google Ads management services, receiving enquiries which may have otherwise been beyond their reach.

But there is a murkier side to Google Ads.

Whether through inexperience or unscrupulous intent, Google Ads campaigns can end up costing you a lot of money for very little reward.

Here are 3 things you should ask when using an agency like us to manage your Google Ads.

1. Is there full disclosure?

There should be absolute transparency about what the agency is spending your money on and how this is benefiting you.

You should receive clear data on the locations and search terms your ads are appearing for and monthly reporting on key figures.

2. Are unconvertable clicks being weeded out?

If you’re a furniture removals company in Tunbridge Wells you really don’t want your ads to appear when someone searches for “mole removal tunbridge wells”. (Real life example!)

Even though the description makes it clear you’re not offering the service they need, there’s still a chance they’ll click on your ad and cost you money when they are never going to convert.

3. Are your ads in the best position?

If your adverts are always appearing at the bottom of page 1 or, worse still, on page 2, challenge your agency about why this is. The cost per click will be much lower in these positions, but so will your conversion rate.

Get the most from your Google Ads?

If you’re not sure whether your Google Ads are optimised, or if you want to get a new ad campaign off on the right foot, then Tomango can help. Call us on 01273 814 019, email hello@tomango.co.uk or visit our website: https://www.tomango.co.uk/