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Imagine the scene…

After months and months of work and building excitement, you’re finally ready to release your company’s new website out into the wild.

You anticipate the congratulatory LinkedIn messages.

The feeling of smugness when you look at your competitors’ faltering websites.

The all important flood of new customers knocking at your door.

The big day comes. Your web designer presses the metaphorical red button and…


Or, perhaps worse than nothing, a mess.

The thing is, before any website is launched there are quite a few important steps you need take, both before and after the launch. If just one of these is skipped, your big moment could turn into your big embarrassment.

To help you enjoy a smooth transition from your old site to your new one, we’ve recently updated our Website Launch Checklist.

This goes through everything you need to think about when you launch a website – whether you’re doing the launch yourself, or checking that your web agency is on top of all the details.

We’ve even added a handy downloadable version of the checklist, so you can merrily tick your way to a smooth and seamless website launch.

And, if you need a little more support in creating and launching a website to be proud of, drop us a line at hello@tomango.co.uk.