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The Cyber Resilience Centre for the South East is a police-led and not-for-profit partnership with academia and businesses and is one of nine networked Cyber Resilience Centre’s across the whole of England and Wales set up by the Home Office and Policing. 

Our mission is simple, we exist to help businesses of all sizes (although we do focus on SME’s, micro businesses, and sole traders) to better protect themselves in the fight against cybercrime. We do this by developing your knowledge in key areas so that you can implement basic methods of cyber hygiene.

If you left your windows and doors open at night, your risk of burglary is significantly increased. The impact of leaving your website unprotected or not doing regular software updates has the same level of risk, as they are your digital entry points as opposed to physical. 

When it comes to cyber criminals, there’s nothing small about small businesses. If you’re open for business online, you could be open to cyber-attacks.

To help you guard your business from cyber-attacks in the same way you would protect your premises against fire and flood, we offer free membership. This gives you access to regular simple, easy to follow guidance, tools, and resources as well as the opportunity to have a jargon free 1:1 conversation to help you understand your current business cyber related risks.

We are here when you’re ready, but in the meantime, you can see what we’re up to by following our social media channels or learning more about us on our website www.secrc.co.uk

If you are ready to join us, that’s great! You can do so by visiting www.secrc.co.uk/membership