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The Orchard is a characterful wedding venue near Maidstone in Kent.

Understanding the power of Google Ads, particularly in an industry where so much customer research is done online, they had set up their own Google Ads account.

This was running on the “Google Ads Express” system, which is effectively an auto-pilot for Google Ads.

As a result, their advert wasn’t displaying often enough, or for the best search terms. Which is where Open Door Digital came in…

The solution

The Google Ads were immediately taken off auto-pilot and the keywords manually set up to target the most important search terms, such as “wedding venues near me”, “wedding venues in Maidstone” and “wedding venues in Kent”.

The geographic target area was also updated to ensure the ads were displayed to searchers in the right locations.

The adverts were monitored daily until they were working at the optimum level.

The result

In a single month The Orchard received 460 click throughs on their adverts, all for highly relevant search terms. This is a “click through rate” that’s 86% higher than their sector’s average*.

The average cost per click was £2.64 (again beating the industry average*) – so the venue only needed to convert a few of the 460 people landing on their website to see a strong return on their investment.

Read more: https://opendoordigital.co.uk/clients/the-orchard/

* Data source: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/data-whats-good-ctr-cpa-conversion-rate-adwords-2018/248947

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