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First, the most important distinction to make is that e-bikes are pedal cycles, not motorbikes. There is no throttle. You must pedal. The motor simply tops up your effort and that’s the key point, you must try and any effort is exercise. How much effort you make is up to you. You can ride the bike with no assistance or use its maximum assistance to get up a steep hill you would never be able to do under your own steam. And that’s key too. Even riding with the assistance on full on a flat road to make it as easy as possible, it will get you to 15.5mph and then you are under your own steam. If you slow down the assistance will kick back in, but you’ve tried and had some exercise in between. No matter where you ride or how long you ride, this principle is the same. On every ride you will get some moderate exercise. Fact.

On Thursday 28 September, The Electric Bike Shop in Uckfield invite you to come to the store and meet the team. You can also take a bike for a ride and see how great fun they are. You can visit us any time, but the store will be open until 7pm on that day so you can pop in after work.

If you have a bike and want a free safety check then do ride on down and we can take a look. On the day we will also offer 10% discount on any full RRP bikes and 10% off any accessories.

There are many health benefits as well as cost and environmental. How far is it to work for you? You could save a good deal of money by riding. Your employer could take part in one of many tax-free incentives. Between 4pm and 7pm we will have Mark Brown, sales director from gogeta in store so if you want to understand it better as an employer or employee then came and meet him. But remember its not all about riding to work. There is so much fun to be had on any electric bike and you can use a cycle voucher on any bike.

gogeta are the cycle to work scheme experts and are on a mission to help employers ignite people power with an effective solution for a happier and healthier workforce.

With gogeta employers can offer a popular employee benefit, delivering tax savings for employees of 30%-40% on electric bikes. The gogeta platform is free to implement for employers and helps busy business owners and HR teams with effortless administration, payroll support and ESG reporting.

Any employer operating a PAYE payroll can use gogeta, and it’s completely free to set-up. The gogeta team provide full support and their easy-to-use platform manages every aspect of the cycle to work scheme, including providing all documentation, management information and payroll reports. Plus, the gogeta customer service team is always available for any queries from employers or employees.

For employees, gogeta enables them to get a new electric bike plus cycling accessories such as a helmet and a lock. Thanks to salary sacrifice they won’t pay income tax or NI on the value of their bike and accessories, which means savings of 30%-40%. There are no hidden fees or surcharges, and employees can also take advantage of any discounts or promotions to boost their savings. Plus, employees get the added benefit of spreading the cost of their new bike interest free via their salary.

To learn more about gogeta please visit their website or contact Mark Brown mark@gogeta.cc