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I’d like to share with you a successful client project I recently designed and created which involved making illustrated animations for social media marketing.

The project was for Habinteg housing association who promotes wheelchair user homes in the UK. I designed and produced five moving illustrations/short form content for their Accessible Homes Week 2023 Campaign, using findings from their latest research report. The animations were published on their social media platforms from September 4 to September 8, 2023. Please check them out here:

According to Habinteg, the visuals I created were “so eye-catching, unique and bold” that they’ve “seen over a 50% increase in retweets/shares/comments than in previous years” – especially on Twitter.” For the client, greater social media engagement means growing awareness of and a stronger relationship with their campaign which offers and drives greater opportunity for more support.

In another project, I created an editorial illustration for the History First news site, on the hobby of Thames mudlarking (searching for lost historical items along the Thames foreshore) which can be viewed via this LINK. The colourful, bold piece featured observational drawings. A Twitter post on the how-to article has been seen over 30,000 times while the story has had around a thousand views within the first few days of publication.

I also created four gift card designs for Kin Knives, a UK-based company and shop that sells Japan-made kitchen knives. The four Japanese-influenced designs were bespoke and custom shaped, so they fitted neatly into the knife boxes, and are to be sold on their website, HERE. As well as designing them, I ordered the printing of the cards and then posted them to the client. The client says they are selling well. 

If you are considering using bespoke gifs or short animations or short form illustrated content for a social media campaign, or designs for printed goods or packaging, please do get in touch by email at clairecarponen@gmail.com or call 07590 844379.