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It is estimated that five million people juggle work and care in the UK – that is equivalent to 1 in 7 employees in every workplace. Given the stresses and strains that can result from balancing work and caring, it is unsurprising that 1 in 6 carers give up work or reduce their hours to attend to their caring responsibilities.

Carers UK are pleased to participate in Uckfield’s upcoming Chamber of Commerce members’ meeting to discuss the impacts of care and how employers can support those providing care among their workforce. Employers for Carers (EfC) is Carers UK’s flagship that was launched in 2009 to ensure that employers have the support to retain and manage employees with caring responsibilities in their workforce. The business membership forum currently has over 230 member employers who are committed to working carers. Supported by the specialist knowledge of Carers UK, the EfC forum:

• Provides support to employers seeking to develop carer-friendly practices and retain skilled workers.

• Provides information and advice to working carers to help them juggle work and care effectively.

• Identifies and promotes the business benefits of supporting carers in the workplace

• Influences wider employment policy to create a professional culture which supports carers in and into work.